Friday, October 26, 2012

Before a Long Journey by: Geli Korzhev

Before a Long Journey

"Before a Long Journey" is a representational 2D, oil on canvas painting by Geli Korzhev. I enlarged the size of the image to provide a display of every minor detail from her facial verbalization to the fabric on her clothes. The painting conveys a gentle feel with the incorporation of circular figures and solid monotonous values of grey and steel blue, nevertheless her apparel offers a different message. 

Geli Korzhev, Before a Long Journey, 1970–1976.
Oil on canvas, 35 x 47 inches.
The background of the painting actually dwells on the history of Social Realism dating back to Russia in the 70's. Developing an interpretation of content over the given subtitle, "Before a Long Journey" considers me to believe that the young lady is a servant to her nation's military force. What appears to be a moment of deep introspection regarding one's profession and role in society. Defining the Iconography of the image would mainly be exemplified by the her uniform and the positioning of her hand. The uniform subjects a momentarily stance of integrity, however the appearance on her face along with the installation of colors causes me to believe that she's been confronted by a sense of unhappiness.

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  1. Hello. Could you please enlighten me on what the large black and small white roundels/discs in the background are?