Sunday, October 28, 2012

Not So Evil (Dog Tired)


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  2. Form: 2D Photograph

    To start it off, it seems as if Steven was aiming to capture the restlessness depicted in his pal. We see a relaxed pitbull terrier resting on velvet sheets, from what looks like the aftermath of an endless day of fetching and canine adventure. The velvet /scarlet is very rich and clearly the dominant color in this photograph. The pitbull appears to be the positive space, as where the velvet sheet is the negative. The man's best friend, also appears to be the focal point of the snap shot, he/she is also positioned to the left, therefore the velvet background does not appear to be so vacant. Basing off the subtitle "Not So Evil", I feel as if Steven is trying to convey the fact that pitbull terriers are not cold hearted dogs (the above leveled viewpoint compliments this statement). The image that the pitbull breed portray in todays society is nothing but a shameful limitation to what are actually extremely loyal companions.

    A lovely photograph overall. Such a gorgeous dog you have there, I too own a pitbull, he's only 2 months!