Thursday, October 18, 2012

Queens Museum of Art

                                           Spirit of The Carnival by Tam Joseph (Dominica,1947,Britain),  1982
   The Queens Museum of Art was very appealing, displaying different kinds of sculptures and paintings. I specifically chose a paiting callled "Spirit of the Carnival" by Tam Joseph and a sculpture called "Green Plastic Bottles on Painted Wooden Panel"  by Jan Hendrick.

   This painting  by Tam  Joseph displays a British Force surrounding a evil spirit by holding up their shields to protect themselves. There is also a dog viciously barking at the evil spirit. This painting is 2-Dimensional while the sculpture made by Jan Hendrick is 3-Dimensional. The sculpture is made of a repetition of green plastic bottles forming a diamond shape on a painted wooden panel. Both pieces that I chose have organic shapes. The Britsh Forces indicates the organic shape in the painting, as well as the evil spirit and violent dog. In the sculpture, the green plastic bottles are also an organic shape. The shields from Joseph's painting has a geometric shape, which is a rectangluar form. In the sculpture, the green plastic bottles reveals into a geometric shape. Joseph made the shields form a positions so it can have an implied shape.
   Tam Joseph shows no negative space meanwhile Jan Hendrick made the painted wooden panel the negative space. The sculpture is completey green making it monochramtic. The focal point in Hendrick's scuplture is a big green plastic bottle that takes place in the middle. The focal point in Joseph's painting would be the bright evil spirit with the bright colors, making him self clearly visible in the middle of  a dark crowd. The British Force repesents unity, also does the sheilds followed by the unity of green plastic bottels in th sculpture. Hendrick made the sculpture have a symmetric balance.

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  1. 285 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Hi Luis: you do such a good job seeing many of the formal elements and noticing composition, I would have written more about all the things you mention- it seems a little rushed? 3/5