Friday, October 19, 2012

Queens Museum

The Queens museum is full of art since the beginner I was surprise that even the exit sign had letters with an ocean view this was amazing. Definitive artists have an unmeasured imagination.

I would like to describe two arts that brought my attention. Even though these two had texture implied they different ways to bring your attention. one full of colors and the other one just dark colors.

One of these is “ De la Serie Visiones” by Santos Arzu Quioto. Powerful in colors like yellow, blue and red in the front of some white and black. Black paint forming a geometrical shape. a vertical rectangle showing power. It has unity. The brightest colors show us variety. It has a local point in the middle of the paint for the shiny colors and then you go up following the black rectangular shape like a big building and going down again attracted by the texture like a circle that looks like glue imposed in the paint.

This picture was very attractive because of its colors but the other one “Sharks V” made by Pavel Acosta it is also attractive using only three colors black like sixty percent, grey like thirty percent and white only ten percent. When I start looking at it I see a lot of black small sharks but my eyes went quickly to the big shark that it is in a vertical position and it is a lot bigger that the rest. the paint has a lot of value. Light on the sharks specially in the big one. the paint is made by recycled paint layers on canvas.

I choose these two paints because both are made with texture. Both are very attractive to your eyes but one with light colors and the other one with dark colors.

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  1. 301 words (assignment guideline 400-600 words) Hi Diego: You are such a good “looker” and notice many of the formal elements. I wish you would have written a little more about the implied texture that you mention (describe: rough, bumpy, smooth) and where you see it being used. 3/5