Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sorrow by Vincent van Gogh

November 1882. Lithograph, composition: 15 3/8 x 11 3/4" (39.1 x 29.9 cm); sheet: 18 3/8 x 14 5/8" (46.7 x 37.1 cm). Publisher: Vincent van Gogh, The Hague. Printer: J. Smulders & Cie., The Hague. Edition: approx. 4. Purchase

Vincent van Gogh used lines to create this composition. The style of art is representational because the woman in the picture resembles to the real world. It is titled "Sorrow" which gives off the objective thought. The picture has a meaning if a strong emotion of disapointment or distress caused by something. There can also be a subjective thought to this picture because the audience cannot clearly say what is the cause of the disappointment. To my opinion, since the woman is naked and seems to be sitting at the edge of something like a bed, and there is either a blanket or her clothing next to her, it seems like she could have just been though an arguement or physical abuse. I also make this assumption based on the time that the picture was drawn (1882).

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