Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spring by Daniel Williamson

Daniel Alexander Williamson, was a painter from Liverpool who spent various years painting beautiful landscapes such as this 2-D 1863 oil painted canvas entitled "Spring". 
The reason why Daniel painted this was probably to show us to take time out and enjoy our lovely scenery, in such a way as the people of the 18th Century did. 
I think the meaning of the painting is to give people a sense of calm. In today's busy world, people tend to take a beautiful scene like this for granted because we usually 
don't spend as much time as we should becoming one with nature. This painting uses a lot of primary colors along with different shades of green, orange, and red.
The style of this painting is naturalistic, it depicts a real country setting, one that city dwellers are sure to comment on while driving by it. This piece of art has an emotional effect on people, when they see it, they are happy to be looking at such a great landscape. 

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