Thursday, November 1, 2012

animal shelter

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  1. This a strong image that evokes a sad emotion in the viewer. The dogs behind the fences in their little cells is hard to look at, and the black and white photo adds to the melancholy (as opposed to a color photo). The expressions of the dogs faces are what really suggest the desperation. The dog on the left looks like is howling, and the dog in the middle who is standing looks desperate to escape. The dog on the right looks like he has just given up entirely. In terms of composition, this work shows the role of odds and the rule of thirds by how the three cages make up the image. Also the cross bars of the fence go exactly where the rule of thirds would. This is an example of a work that while might not be so "nice" or "pleasing" to look at, can still have be really powerful.
    You're a good photographer!