Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Hermitage at Pontoise

 The Hermitage at Pontoise (Les côteaux de l'Hermitage, Pontoise), ca. 1867. Oil on canvas, 59 5/8 x 79 inches (151.4 x 200.6 cm). Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York,Thannhauser Collection, Gift, Justin K. Thannhauser  78.2514.67

This painting "The Hermitage at Pontoise" by Camille Pissarro has a form of 2-Dimensional. This painting is drawn by oil on canvas. When i look at this painting i see a nice bright warm calm Sunday morning in the neighborhood. The people are dressed very old-fashioned dresses indicating the time period was  a long time ago, possibly when slavery was around. As i read the information about the painting, it tells me how its a view of a winding village path at the base of a cluster of houses in Pontoise, France, known as the Hermitage. It seems like the artist Camille Pissaro lived there. According to the time, 1867, it tells me how there were a  lot culture involved and how their tradition mattered a lot to everybody were back then. This painting has a style of representational. This painting has a lot of trees that make vertical lines and the border of the hill and the sky has a horizontal line. The people make organic shapes and the houses make geometric shapes. There is an implied light coming from the right making shadows show. It has secondary colors. The painting has complementary colors. It implies and does actually have a smooth texture. The blue sky makes the day look bright and calm. This has a asymmetrical balance. The focal point would be the houses becasue of its big shape with bright color, making it stand out of green. 

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