Friday, November 16, 2012

Video Art/New Media - Team Blue

Team Work: Describe the Medium, Materials and Tools; 3 artists, 3 key works.
How will it last through time?
Why would an artist choose to work in this material?
What knowledge do you have to have to work in this medium?
and opinions!


  1. Hmm, no comments from Team Blue?

  2. New media art is a genre thath encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

    Video art is a type of art which relies on moving pictures and comprises video and/or audio data. (It should not however be confused with television production or experimental film.) Video art came into existence during the late 1960s and early 1970s as the new technology became available outside corporate broadcasting and is still widely practiced and has given rise to the widespread use of video installations. Video art can take many forms: recordings that are broadcast, viewed in galleries or other venues, or distributed as video tapes or DVD discs; sculptural installations, which may incorporate one or more television sets or video monitors, displaying ‘live’ or recorded images and sound; and performances in which video representations are included.

    Materials needed: video camera, lighting, editing software, people, computer etc...

    Here are three artist, Matthew Barney, Andrew Dermirjian, and Ivana Basic.

    Barney's epic Cremaster cycle (1994–2002) is a project consisting of five feature-length films that explore processes of creation. His concentration in sculpture is accentuated by his use of video. Barney uses video to perfect his sculpture by evaluating positioning, lighting, size and shape, using video as a means to his end product of sculpture.

    Andrew demirjian combines computer programming with audiovisual production to create experimental portraits that explore the relationships between psychology and time. Conceptual systems of juxtaposition, categorization and randomness replace conventional narrative arcs and character development. Andrew draws upon his experience as a musician and filmmaker to produce interactions between sound and image that respond to and shape one another. His most recent work has been developing algorithms for audiovisuals that are inspired by organic systems and adaptive environments.

    Ivana Basic created position 8 which is a video piece which belongs to a series of ongoing video works called positions. Positions are videos that deal with objectification of the body as a mode of existence and the possibility of overcoming its predefined boundaries.

    I think video art will last through time because technology is only going to get better and better and so will video art/new media art through that technology. I think an artist would choose to work in this material because . In order to work in this medium a person must have knowledge of computers, video cameras, different types of software etc...

    In my opinion one pro for video art is that through technology video art is going to get better. One con is that since technology continues to evolve you have to continuously learn new things.

  3. Video art is a four dimensional form, this art is display on television or computer. The material needed to make the video art is computer skill, actors and a camera. I believe video art will last forever, because once you make a video you can save to your computer or a flask drive. No one can destroy that video unless you decide to delete the video yourself. There are many video artists in the world, but the 3 artist I pick are.

    1. Mathew barney, he’s work the “Consumption”
    2. Andrew Demirjian, he’s work the “Scenes From 218 W. 14th St. (2012)”
    3. Ivana Basic, her works the “Quiet”

    There are some knowledge needed to make video art, first is know how to operate a video, then you need to know how to editing that video, I believe this is the two most important thing we need to know before making a video art.