Thursday, December 6, 2012

At museum ps1

According to my trip to museum MoMa PS1 last week. I saw a lot of art works . Now I will like to choose two works to talk about. First art work is "Migrant" by Samella Lewis. Second is "Apparitional Visitations" by Suzanne Jackson.
     Let's talk about the work "Migrant" by Lewis first. It is a very  simple2D smooth texture work, and only has black and white color. There are lines make up seven women and men in the picture. The background is repetition of trees ( Tress just my opinion, I really do not know what is that). My focal point of this art is the moon. This only circle object right on the top caught my eyes. My personal view of content at this art work is this work about immigrants life, and just like the topic already point out. Which I think migrant's life are very bad. The artist already show on their face. They are sad, depressed, and feel like lost way have no idea about future. Even at night time they are still out, and have no place to go. ( seems they are homeless, and specially this art work were made by 1968), and that was most immigrant's life at that time period. But as I said before that moon caught my eyes, because I think that's a reason the artist drawing that moon. I feel that content of moon is representative bright road and hope for migrants. No matter how bad life condition and plight of migrants. As long as they have hope to work hard for their future. Theirs future would like be as the moon rising on the top every night to bright that world. It is how I read the content of this art work.
     Another work is "Apparitional Visitations" by Suzanne Jackson. It is also a 2D form smooth texture art work.  This work is colorful include the primacy color (red, blue, and yellow).  There are lines connect up become heart, face, and White crane's shape. At beginning I have no any idea about this work, because I really do not understand that topic's mean. But I think it is talk about natural  living environment. I feel artist is try to tell us we should protect our land, animals, and our only earth. We need use our love to care plants, to planting trees, and create a green home for us and animals. In present generation because human build a lot of buildings, so there are not easy to see huge forest, garden.  The emphasis is the flower planting in the heart . We must use love to make land more natural (not just all cars, high buildings stay on land). This art work show human, animal, and plant. All three objects are part of natural, which mean all three life are same to exist in this only earth. Some people may think my view of this art is wrong. But it is my opinion of content about  "Apparitional Visitations" by Suzanne Jackson.

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  1. Ye, you do a great job of interpreting the works. I enjoy hearing your opinion and the understanding your bring to them. I wish you had written a little more about the way the works LOOKED- like the formal elements and composition. It's not enough to say it's a "simple, 2D, smooth texture work" Is it a painting, a drawing, a print? Very important!
    9/10 points