Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The first art piece to jump out at me was Anticipation created in 1961 by Alvin & Jeffalyn Johnson. Its an oil painting i believe of an African American woman awaiting the birth of what the caption says is her third child. The woman is peacefully resting basically Indian style on what seems to be grass while holding a few flowers. She's very calm and happy and seems to really enjoy being pregnant, since this is her third child. The painting is abstract with pretty pastale colors of light and soft oranges, pinks and purples. This adds to the peaceful and mellow vibe of the painting. There is various patterns in the negative space behind the woman as well as in her dress. She wears a smile on her face and this painting just shows how beautiful being pregnant and waiting to bring a little person into the world can be. Which is why i think this painting jumped out at me. 

I couldnt find a photo online or on the MoMA website.

Another art piece that jumped out at me was Leigh Taylor 1945 b Suzanna Jackson. According to the description, it's a charcoal drawing of an African American woman apart of the Black Panthers. She's looking to the left of the drawing, and even though the drawing is only of her head and shoulders, you can tell by her facial expression of posture that shes firm and strong as well as standing up for something she believed in. I got that impression before even reading the the description. Although simple, the drawing is very intense for me. It embodies everything the African American culture has gone through to get to where we are right now and that is one of the reasons i chose to talk about this painting.

I couldnt find a photo online or on the MoMa website.


  1. Why so brief? (301) words of the required 500. You seemed to really connect with both the pieces- and could have written about that more, as well as more of the formal elements and compositional strategies. What about representational style?
    8/10 points

    1. i wrote what i could about the pieces inside the museum assuming i could get a photo off the internet to go into more detail but when i couldnt find one i ran out of things to talk about.