Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Presentation of Kaethe Kollwitz

Kaethe Kollwitz was a German printmaker, sculptor. She was born in July 8, 1867 Konigsberg, and died inApril 22, 1945, Dresden. Kollwitz learned painting when she was 14 years old. In 1889 she married with Dr.Karl Kollwitz, also she started teach at Women's Institute of the Arts in Berlin in 1898. In addition she was a Socialist. So, base on her works we always can see the tragic fate of the spirit and the courage to struggle.
      Here is some Kaethe Kollwitz's art works.
      First one is " Brot" made by 1924. It is acarved stone work, and this art for me is very old style and simple. Just black and white color, and  normal lines drawing. But for me it means lot. The content I read from this work is fear, sad, and helpless. As we can see the mother only display her back, but I can feel she is crying. And her children ask her for food.( This art's title is "Brot"(Bread), but it just a art form, does not mean children really ask for Bread).  From children's eyes we can see they are hunger and want their mother have food for them. However, their wish she can has food for her children, but she is unable.( Special during European war). Mother is crying inside of her heart, and innocent children are pitiful. " Brot" will break all viewer's heart.
     Next art work is ”BeimDengeln” made by 1905. Also it is black and white art, but has a huge message and idea on it. All lines connect to appear a grieved woman. Right on the picture we can see a woman use her rough hands with a millstone, sharpened large sickle blade. Her little eyes show full of hatred and anger. She is female, but she is doing men’s job. This art show women has no right at that time period. In other way show they are being train as slave. Their life is very cruel.
     The last art work isWeberzug” made by 1897. And it is only black and white color too. Women, men and children there are all characters show on the art. They are carrying tools on their hands, women carry children, and some are fell upon the shoulders sleep. All them are skinny and feels sick. Everyone are works long hours, but not get enough food and time of rest. They are look very deserting. Some women are tired and cannot even walk.
     As you can see all of three works are black and white color. Because I think there two colors are very good to express and describe for those time period are darkness, not life, and no right. They show out the fear, sadness, and madness of people’s inside world.

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