Friday, December 21, 2012

The world needs saving:Comic superheros

     My art show is titled The world needs saving, a show about comic superheros.  The whole idea of this show is bringing the little kid out in all of us.  Everyone has a superhero who they admire whether it is an actual person or a fictional character.  As the curator of this show I would put this art show near the veterans services office at LaGuardia community college.   To show the men and women who are in the services their appreciated and are America's superhero's.  This show is also dedicated to all the people who put their lives on the line for others.  It would also be located in the C-building for all students and staff to get inspired to try and do something to change the world for the better.  I want this show to capture every age, race, it doesn't matter how old you are or where you came from we can all make a difference.  This show is important because the world needs saving.  There are a lot of things going on in our country and around the world that is corrupt.   Desolation oil on canvas painted by Raquel Forner.  This painting symbolizes hardship and looks very deserted.  The ripped red flag hanging on the tree branch is the focal point.  The negative space consists of different shades of blue and gray.  In the upper left hand corner it looks like parachute are about to land.  The tree branches represents unity, there is also implied movement with the tree on the right is splitting in half. This piece represents the struggle that is occurring around the world. This painting is called Superman by Philip Pearlstein painted in 1952.  There are complementary colors, yellow and blue.  Superman is flying over what may be New york city.   Variations of blue and gray makes up the negative space.  The focal point of this painting is super man.  The "S" symbol on superman's chest is stylized.  The rule of odds is used with superman and the two objects in his hands.  The artists painted this piece by smudging the paint, it wasn't painted with smooth strokes.  Superman everyone's, well almost everyone's superhero.  This painting goes very well with my art show, because superman is all about saving the world for the greater good. A drawing by Micheal Scoggins titled the Stalkers.  The materials used, pen,paper and color pencils.  A replica of a comic book.  The characters drawn are idealized, what most people think superheros look like.  There is a lot of detail on the male characters muscle.  There are secondary and primary colors, with organic and geometric shapes.  Implied motion is being used with the rainbow angel who is flying and the lava coming out of the volcano.  This drawing screams superhero in every aspect.  i think the artists named this piece The stalkers because they follow danger where every it goes. I also chose this drawing because superheros always save the day. Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein is an oil on canvas painted in 1963.  The women's pride is more important than her life, so she rather drowns.  The waves in this painting is an example of implied motion.  The artist paints the girls hair blue to make her stand out.  There are colors of black, white and gray that makes up the ocean waves.  The way the women was painted is realistic. This piece connects with the show because whether we want to admit it or not, we all need help.  Sometimes our pride gets in the way and we end up getting into deeper trouble and end up drowning in them.   A drawing by Yuken Teruya, Dessert Project.  The artists used colored pencil and pencil on paper.  A drawing of the solar system on a globe.  There are complementary colors, organic and geometric shapes constantly being used. This piece shows the planets in their orbits and is very unique how the artists displayed it on a globe.  I picked this piece because it goes hand in hand with superheros and saving the world.                

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  1. Rachel this is a really good idea for a show- the idea of how heroes and heroism are depicted in art, and I see a strong support of your idea in most of the works. I would love to have heard more of how you thought the Forner work and the Teruya drawing connect to the theme you were trying to present. It's a little vague there, especially in comparison to the clear visual connection between the three other works. I do really appreciate your well thought out idea for a location though!