Thursday, September 20, 2012


hi all, i'm Aileen Mahmoodi :) this is the wrong assignment to give someone like me because i can talk about myself for too long. i'll try my best to keep it simple.
i'm 20 turning 21 the day after halloween... i accept all gifts, gift cards, money orders, checks...etc.
I'm half filipina, half iranian, ive been told i look latin, but only speak english!!! ...otherwise id be working at the UN ((-_- thanks mom and dad!)) however, im inked up now, so that's absolutely out of the question. i love the art on my body and i cant wait until its finished!
i like old school hip hop like NWA type stuff up until the dipset era... everything after that not so much... i rather listen to the backstreet boys and mandy moore over lil waynes new stuff ANYeffingDAY.
I'm madly in love with nate robinson... if you dont know who that is, google him.
I LOVE BASKETBALL. i will beat you... no doubt in my mind about it! i enjoy watching most sports; football (nfl and ncaa), basketball (nba and ncaa ...not womens ball though), hockey, baseball, and i guess soccer.
I'm a proud owner of an xbox360 and play madden13, 2k13, and mw3 on it... but im HORRIBLE at all 3.

I went to Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS of Music and Art and Performing Arts.  Graduating from there leave most with an obnoxious amount of school pride... i guess i'm no different.  while there i took an art history class my senior year, then took another art history class at CCNY... and i have to say, the second time around made appreciate the history of art a little more. Its not all boring --SEE...

garden of earthly delights (c. 1480-1505)
hieronymus bosch
i dont know the name of this one... but he's throwing up the  west side  hand sign
it's by Sandro Botticelli  

I've always been pretty passionate about art. I love museums, galleries, and even things like frame shops. In high school my favorite class was painting (i paint but i cant stand drawing.  oil paint is my preference... that or aerosol....
this is something i painted in hs...

yeah, i did graffiti.  i wasnt that good, but i got my spots that got me known enough for me to digg it. The culture is really what sucked me in. i've even met the infamous JA before. i support graffiti as art100% and if anyone has anything to say about it, i'd love to hear it.

i'm a secondary education major and i hope to one day teach HS english and coach the basketball team for that school.  while thats in progress, i'm hostessing at a place on 75th and Lexington if anyone wants some good burgers, oysters and martinis.