Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rookie at Lagcc

Hi there, my name is Luis Hernandez and I am 17 soon to be 18 years old, currently living and roaming the streets of Jackson Heights. I am from Colombia but people say I look White and not Hispanic. I like to play handball, football and i hate soccer even tho I'm Colombian. My major is Civil Engineering and I plan not to change that, because that is what I'm setting my mind to and what I want, although Engineering is not a simple career but very difficult and interesting. I am Currently a freshman at LaGuardia Community College and looking forward to increase the knowledge I have to get my self where I want to be. I don't hate art nor do I like it for the fact that I cannot draw any good. However it is interesting to set my mind as a artist. I'm also setting my mind to my Red Nose Pit-bull named Nala and she's only 4 months soon to be 5 months. I hate the fact that people judge them as a bad dog just because of the cruel stories they heard but they don't know that its the way you raise them that turns them into who they are. If you raise them bad, as in abusing them, torturing them, best believe your going to have a vicious dog and if you raise them right with just simple love and care, your going to see the best positive outcome of the dog. My dog is really friendly and actually too friendly to everybody even dogs.