Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chantyll Ellis Queens Museum of Art

Chantyll Ellis
October 19th 2012
The first piece of art I choose while inside the Queens Museum was a painting by Simil Milatoni who was boring in Haiti. The woman's skin color and hair in the painting is completely black giving off the impression that her skin was smooth. On the other side the woman’s jewelry and the feathered mask had color in it and implies texture. In the negative space behind the woman, a certain pattern repeats itself. The painting also suggest that there is light hitting the center of the painting but is weird because the woman still remains solid black without a hint of light.
The second piece I chose was kind of the opposite of the solid black woman i chose. There are tons of colors in the oil painting and a whole lot more going on. There several woman in colorful vibrant dresses walking about in a town laughing having fun. They surround their selves around a building that has a lot of geometrical shapes with not only the building itself but in the windows and doors. The painting shows repetitive shapes in the women’s shadows. In each woman’s dress there is a pattern but the one my eye directly goes to when I look at the painting is the woman in from that has more colors in her dress than the other women.
The third painting I looked at while inside the Queen’s Museum was one of what looked like the bottom of the ocean. The focal point of the painting would be the bright red seaweed almost in the center. Other than that the picture itself had a lot of variety in it between all the seaweed and fishes and the other plants. The visual balance was pretty much equal, having the same weight of elements on each side of the painting. The artist used many variations of purples, browns and greens to give natural look to the bottom of the ocean.  

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