Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Queens Museum of Art trip

 On our trip to the Queens Museum there were countless works of art from paintings, pictures, Sculptures and more. Each with a meaning behind it and a unique work like shape,line, mass, value, color, texture, and patterns. From drawing with lots of light to the ones with the darkest shades.

The art work that mostly caught my attention was “peacock of the sea” by Leo Matiz which is a 2D image of a man caught in the middle of throwing a large fishing net in the middle of the ocean. You can easily spot the horizon line which give the image a more calm outlook a long with the positive and negative space. To me this image expresses freedom and joy even though its in black and white which some people that I showed it to perceived it as sad and depressing.

the second work that I chose was one from Dario Suro “Paisaje de lluvia” which translates to landscape of rain. This image is as the title explains a landscape with a lot of rain falling. The painting is in 2D. The choice of color is mostly faded green with a bit of orange around the bushes. The painting its self is all quite faded giving it a depressing and gloomy feeling. The artist chose to paint a type of tree which usually represents a place with warmer happier environment and turned it into a more depressing and gloomy scenery by adding all the rain, wind, and faded look.


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  2. 250 words
    A nice observation buy why so short? It was supposed to be 400-600 words. You could have written more about the effect of the orange and green (complementary colors!) or warm and cool colors(which you start to mention about the second painting), or many other of the formal elements or design principles. Also scale, size, shapes, materials… (-2 pts) 3/5