Friday, October 19, 2012

Creativity of a Thinker

Invention (Composition 31), 1933. Rudolf Bauer

This first painting was very interesting to me because of how each object was positioned. The shapes shown are geometrical and vary in different sizes. Regardless if space is being shown between each of the shapes, the way each are placed brings the sense of "oneness" as if this is one object. Diagonal lines are the only lines being shown, which lets the viewer know that there is motion or that it gives a dramatic vibe. Rhythm is being shown as one shape follows the other. Colors shown are primary and secondary. The positioning gives off some-what of a happy vibe, but that all changes when you begin to focus behind the objects. What i find interesting about this is that the negative space behind the shapes takes the form of a black hole, taking your attention off of them and focusing on the darkness. So that happy image all of a sudden becomes sort of depressing when looking behind.  

Glenn, Dario, and Tyrone (from The Garden of Delights), 1998.Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle

The second painting should have been my first. This by far is my favorite for some strange reason, simple, but it caught my eye and became interesting to me. This happens to be DNA fragments taken from others to form an art piece. As i looked this up on the internet, i found out that this is a photograph of DNA in which people gave in. Manglano-ovalle wanted to use this as a way of showing "family". 16 people were chosen for this artwork and by helping out, they helped fulfill Manglano-ovalle's vision of what he wanted to show. The rule of thirds plays a role in this piece as it is divided into three sections. This does show organic shapes. The shapes vary in different sizes. The piece follows a rhythm in which each section (the three sections) shows similar  shapes. The shapes are positioned in a pattern. The second section shows implied texture where the blue is heavy. The positive space would be the DNA and the negative space would be the white/blue background. 

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  1. 336 words (assignment 400-600 words) Hi Ryan:
    I am sorry you missed the actual trip to the museum. It would have been interesting to see what you picked to write about, because you have a good eye for picking complex works! You do a good job here of observing the formal elements and composition, especially in the Bauer piece, and I am excited by your enthusiasm for the more conceptual second piece! We’ll talk more about the importance of ideas in art- coming soon in class! 4/5