Thursday, October 18, 2012

QM trip

First artwork I will describe is a painting estudiante muerto (The dead Student) by Alejandro Obregon. This is an oil on canvas painting, as the title indicates, this painting demonstrates a dead student laying on a table with a  severed leg. After doing some research about the painting i found out that it represents a specific event that happened in Colombia on June 8 of 1954, a student uprising against the dictatorship of a president witch resulted in the massacre of thirteen students by army forces. Colors used in this painting are mostly red and some blue witch are primary colors and also black. There is many values of red color through the painting. It's form is two dimensional, it has negative space - background and positive space - student on the table witch is also a focal point. Shapes in this painting are organic and geometrical. I think there is balance on this painting although painting is not symmetrical, the elements work together to produce harmony overall.

The second artwork that i chose is Absolut Delaunay by Sandra Ceballos. This is also an oil on canvas painting. This painting is composed of many geometrical shapes like circles, rectangles, squares. Painting is very colorful  there is a lot of different colors in different values. The painting is two dimensional and it has a smooth texture. The variety of colors and shapes provide interest and contrast. The artist also used repetition of the same shapes through the painting. There is also unity because all the element in this painting seem like they belong together, giving the sense of oneness.

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  1. (268 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Daniel: You chose such interesting works and you could have written so much more about them- for example, they are both so full of geometric shapes, but the shapes are used very differently. What else could you have said? 3/5