Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fenglei dai

El Colombia - Noe Leon Noe Leon " El colombia"

               Last friday was a great day, we actually got out of class and went to the queens museum. I saw a lot of great works, but the two painting i selected to write about is "el colombia" by Noe Leon and "el blacks" by Honoria Cabrace Acostal. i was able to "google" Neo's painting, but i can't find the painting by acostal.
               the first painting is "El Colombia" by Neo leon, the work was created in 1968. the colors of the painting caught my attention, it uses mostly primary and secondary color. the shape is a two dimensional form with both positive and negative space. the windows are all repetition of each other. the focal point is the boat with all the passengers, but my attetnion was also directed to the followers in the middle, i keep think how are they not destroy by the animals?
               the second painting is "El blacks" by Acostal, the work was created in 2012, which is probably why i can't find the painting online. the colors of the painting also caught my attention, which uses mostly primary and secondary. The painting is a two dimensional form. the most interesting about this painting is the eye direction of the people, they were all looking at a specific spot, which make me feel that the direction they are looking at is the focal point. there are multiple repetition in this painting, such as all the hats are the same form, and all the doors are the same size.

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  1. (252 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Fenglei: so brief!?? You chose your works well, but I wish you had written more about them, like the shape is a two dimensional form with both positive and negative space.- where? Also, all the yes your describe in the second one, could that be considered some kind of implied line? 3/5