Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Paisaje de Lluvia" & "Mermaid"

“Paisaje de lluvia (Rainy Landscape)” by Dario Suro is the first piece I will describe. This caught my attention because of the coloring which is very natural and realistic. This painting is very monochromatic but not because he envisioned it this way, but because in this part of nature green is a much empowered color and the different shades of it. In this painting you visibly see the implied wind, due to the way the artist painted the leaves and rain direction. The rain falling in much quantity towards the bottom right of the picture shows diagonal fierce lines.  Aside from the raindrops being lines, they show pattern (rhyme and rhythm) through out the painting. The implied texture of this scenery is wet, windy, and sunless. From the colors chosen for the negative spacing, you can see it is probably cold out, but being nature, a wonderful day, maybe even waited from a rain drought, giving a reason for so much rain. The lighting is complex to explain, but I would say it is bright enough to see a pathway, rather it being much darker and foggy. Suro probably drew this painting out of emotion, or life experience.
“Mermaid” by Rigaud Benoit is the second piece of my choosing. Coming across this painting the one question I asked about it, made it clear, that it was a painting with much to say. I want to know why he placed the mermaid on a canoe, and not inside/above the water, being a mermaid. As soon as you look at the painting your attention is brought to the mermaid and what she holds out with her right arm diagonally upwards (Focal Point). The mermaid is placed in the middle of the painting as well as the middle of the canoe. There are two separated ice bergs on the right and left side of her, also having an even amount of fishes swimming around her giving it a quite clear vision of balance.  There is both unity and variety in this painting because the unity that brings it together is the amount of sea creatures making it known that they are the main attraction. Within these sea creatures including the mermaid, they are varied; no fish is the same in visible texture, size, color, shape, and etc. The lighting shows a beautiful summer day in the middle of the ocean somewhere mystical, with a sense of victory and union. Benoit’s interpretation on his painting would be very interesting to hear in my opinion.

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  1. Really nice work Bryant! Very thoughtful observation and writing, especially about the Benoit piece. You named the elements and described how they were being used. Great! 5/5