Thursday, October 18, 2012

From QMA

 I saw a lot arts work on Friday's Queens museum of art trip. I will choose 2 works to write about today. First , a paint" The three sister" by Amos Ferguson.  When I saw that I was caught  by those three yellow mermaid. That is the (Focal Point) why I pay attention on it. They all are stand on the top of  (Unity)stone. Although there are 3, but they are(Variety). First one has a fat waist, second has a waist close to a normal, and last one has  skinny waist.  Second, there are a lot (repetition) of fishes around them.  Also, they have( pattern) rectangles made up their tail. In addition, as a viewer I think this paint is on a brisk (rhythm), because I feel those fishes are move around with happy mood, and this three mermaid are dance on the stone. Seems they are celebrate the sea are peaceful, and all animals live in the sea can have a quiet living environment.
Other work is a paint" Cuban Carnival" by Rene Portocarrero. The( Emphasis) I was looked on it was ( Variety) shape of triangles (repetition) on that paint. They are short , long ,wide, small.  Also (Lines) make many triangles connect together. This paint is colorful on( Primary color, yellow, red, blue) and( Secondary color, such as green, orange). they are all show on the triangles, circles, and different shapes. As you can see the(Balance) are absolute show on this paint. Triangles show balance on a stable way. As a viewer since I seen this paint I feel it is on the lively (Rhythm). Seems they are celebrate something. Feel  very at joy mood. Compare this two paints. They both are show on happy ambience. Second paint is colorful than first, and first paint feel more dynamic than second.

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  1. (303 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Lei: interesting works and start to make good observations but I wish you could have expanded your thoughts. For example: when you write “That is the (Focal Point) why I pay attention on it.” What do you mean? How is the artist making this the focal point? Through color, line, shape? 3/5