Thursday, October 18, 2012


  I choose two arts about fishing boat, and I want to discuss it.

  The first art"peacock from the sea"by leo matiz, he paints that two men on a small boat which over the peaceful sea, and one of men goes boating, and one of men opens up a large fishing net to the sky. when I first time to see this painting, the large fishing net is attracting my eyes. It is bigger than the boat and people,so I think that the artist uses proportion to emphasis the focal point which is fishing net. The artist doesn't follow the 'Rule Of Third' because he puts the focal point in the middle.
The artist also use horizontal line to express the peaceful sea. From the whole painting, I can find that it is  organic shape, and the artist uses black color to describe sea, boat, and people that can be negative space, and the other spaces are white  color  that can be positive space. The interesting thing is that black and white are complementary colors and exalting each other.

The second art" Fishing Boat" by willian edouard, he paints that some black people go boating for fishing in a rainstorm day. Difference to the first art, this art is very colorful. The whole background are combined by blue lines , black lines and white lines. The lines look very angry and disorder, so it implys that it is a rainstorm day. The sea wave and cloud's texture are not actual but it also can imply that is a really bad day. The colors of boat are yellow and red and the sky is kind of blue that are three equidistant  colors on the color wheel so it is call triadic. . From light& value, the boat is more highlight  than any others place, so it obviously is positive space and focal point.This painting also is organic shape, and especially,the boat's shape imply triangulate shape. Difference to fist artist who uses proportion, this artist uses realistic scale to paint and the boat seems like asymmetrical balance.By the way, this artist also doesn't follow 'RULE OF THIRD" just like first one.

From this trip, I find out an amazing thing that even the art was painted by different artist and  paint style, ,but they all  try to express the almost same mean that motivate people to  pursue  happiness.

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    Hi PingPing: What is the form/medium of Peacock? Is it a painting or a photograph? (answer: photograph!) You do observe many of the elements, but maybe you could have described them a little more? Like, what do you mean when your wrote “the boat seems like asymmetrical balance. By the way, this artist also doesn't follow 'RULE OF THIRD"” could you explain how it is not using these compositional principles? 3/5