Thursday, October 18, 2012

Queens Museum Trip

             On our trip to the Queens Art Museum in Flushing, Queens, I found 2 art pieces to be interesting and different from each other.The first art piece that caught my attention is “De la Serie Visiones” by Santos Arzu Quioto. It’s a 2D painting that has a focus point to the center of the art work; it doesn’t follow the rule of thirds. The white and black bring the focus to the center of the piece where the splattered colors are. More primary colors are being used in this painting then other colors (such as red, blue, and yellow).  The actual texture is rough because the art work is made of mixed media (as the description says). You can also see that it is mixed media being used because there are spots on the painting that looks like glue dripping and splattered. From a distance, once you actually focus on the painting, it looks like a girl’s head, just sideways.  It has organic and geometric shapes. There are lines that imply action and there is no pattern being used.

           The second art work that I found interesting is called “Accion de Castillo de Maracaibo” (Action of Maracaibo Castle) by Jose Maris Espinosa Prieto. The painting is drawn with oil on canvas.  This painting differs from the first one because it seems calmer. The horizontal line where the sky and ocean meet defines calm towards the painting. There is also implied light on the horizontal line. There is repetition of ship and Colombian flags. There is a difference proportion between a small ships and bigger ships. The ships are lined that creates a focus point. The painting is asymmetrical being that there are ships on one side, and two pieces of land and a castle on the other side.  The colors being used in the painting is mainly blue, light grey and white for the clouds. Unlike the first painting, this one follows the rule of thirds.

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  1. (326 words, assignment was 400-600 words) Hi Darlin:
    You mention some of the elements, I wish there was a little more description about what you observe like “it doesn’t follow the rule of thirds”—How is breaking that rule? Or “There is also implied light on the horizontal line.” How did the artist show that? 3/5