Thursday, October 25, 2012


This two paint both are 2D form. They both are show about city, but they are different kind of city. The one on that right "Destroyed City" by Zasalamell. As we can see, it has a dark color at most. A big disaster happen in this city. There are many buildings get destroyed. Cars get broken on the land. The land are a lot ruins. Semms it is the end of the world. However, that are a little shine sun light on the sky. Which appear the hope is come. Light show after the disaster this city will be rebuild for tomorrow. Right on the left side is a paint art "New York City" by Reginald Marsh . All we can see is this NYC very Prosperity. High buliding, calm river, blue sky,and house. Everything are stand on peaceful and wonderful. A beautiful and strong New York City shoe on this paint. 

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  1. Permission to use this image on our non-commercial project game? Please~ :))