Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Blinded Samson

The Blinded Samson by Lovis Corinth, 1912, is a painting made by oil on canvas. As I look at the painting, I see a man in his mid 30's not happy but miserable, as if he was getting tortured. The man is trying to walk out a room while he is blind folded with his hands chained up like a prisoner and is naked with only a piece of clothing covering his genitals. This painting was made in the time period where everybody cherish the human body. My subjective opinion would be that anybody anywhere can do something cruel and brutal to you. Corinth did not use bright colors but instead dark colors telling us it isn't a happy moment. This painting has a style of representational. The focal point in this painting would be the naked man. The man's arms have diagonal lines implying movement. The man is an organic shape followed by the door which is an geometric shape. It has a implied smooth texture and it is actually smooth because it is a painting. The painting is 2-Dimensional. The painting is not out of proportion.

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