Friday, October 12, 2012

The Pic-Nic

This portrait is called "The Pic-nic" by Thomas Cole in 1846. 

Variety: The artist provided a lot of different points of interests to focus on.

Rule of Space: The portrait has horizontal lines but its not in the center. There is also many different objects that makes the eye move. Also the prominent objects are not in the middle of the portrait but is off to the left. 

Lines: In addition to having horizontal lines; the portrait also has diagonal lines. For example, the trees are not completely vertical but they're bending in different directions.

Color: The artists used different variations of the color green (monochromatic). 

Repetition: The repetition of the trees.

Unity: Although there are many different shapes and sizes in the portrait over it gives you a sense that overall the entire portrait is complete. 

1 comment:

  1. Great to point out the variety here, and how the eye moves around to all the different figures on the canvas, and the way the figures are spread out and not smack in the middle. It definitely has a lot of green, but isn't fully monochromatic. I see orange and yellow and the blue sky too.