Friday, October 12, 2012

Perfect Lovers

"Untitled" (Perfect Lovers)-

Felix Gonzalez-Torres (American, born Cuba. 1957–1996)


Unity of the two clocks showing up the same exact time including minutes and seconds.

Repetition of geometric shapes( clocks), exact position of the time, and the numbers on both clocks.

Balance- Symmetrical balance of the two clocks spaced evenly. They correspond in size, shape, and placement.

Scale-the painting is 14 in by 28 in, which makes the clocks in the painting the same size as a normal clock.

There is an emphasis on the markings of  the right clock. (the hour markings seem darker)

The focal point is on the right clock, especially around the 12 o'clock.

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  1. Great image to write about (I think it's a sculpture, or a photo of a sculpture though, not a painting!)but you can definitely get the repetition and symmetry that the artist is conveying.I think that's the point here- also emphasized by the title.