Friday, October 12, 2012

Yellow Cow by Franz Marc


Franz Marc, Yellow Cow1911. Oil on canvas
Solomon R. Guggenheim 
Museum New York

This week we discussed the Principles of Design. These principles are: Unity, Variety, Repetition, Rhythm, Balance, Emphasis/Focal Point & Proportion/Scale.

Principles of Design:
  • Variety: There are various forms of visual elements depicted in this image. From the start, we can all agree that the differences here are the use of Primary, Secondary, & even Teritary colors. What gives the painting it's feel is the dominant use of warm complementary colors are along with the use of cool colors. 
  • Rhythm: It may be tough to identify but, the Visual Rhythm can be found with the excessive use of indigo distorted circles, for example: the mark on the cow, & the similar mark on the mountain. Another example may be the black lines that are marked on the left & right side of the image. 
  • Approximate Symmetry: If one were to fold this picture in half, I'd see a bit of symmetry. The cow is surely distracting in this case, however the landscape portrays a decent balance to claim it's symmetry.
  • Emphasis/Focal Point: Yellow Cow! If that isn't emphasis, then I don't know what is. The mango flesh colored Cow clearly stands outs. Although, trapped in an infusion of Primary colors, the cow's peculiar position and preciseness justifies as the focal point of the piece.

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  1. Your posts are excellent Angel! especially your point about the overall symmetrical feel coming from the landscape in the background. Even if we were to look at the cow as just a shape, there is even weight to it too. Good eye!