Friday, November 16, 2012

"Come Away from Her"

"Come Away from Her" by Kiki Smith is 2D painting. The artists used implied  diagonal lines on a group of birds to show action and horizontal lines that show to emphasize either the sky or ground to show calmness.He also used Monochromatic color schemes which usually include a range of values and intensities. This drawing is implied texture and is used pattern by repeating lines , shapes and colors on birds and girl dress, as well as the sky and ground. It was used Asymmetrical balance. The focal point is the girl. It is the representational style drawing to show naturalistic. Kiki Smith used liquid media for watercolor. The drawing seems like based on fairy tales. The drawing shows that friendly birds fly off when the girls talk about something that they don't like. The birds in drawing suggest  freedom. The girl represents innocence  and the natural scene shows serenity. It also shows the freedom and the peaceful of childhood. 

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