Thursday, November 15, 2012


This is an Untitled piece, made in 1983, that was given to the Guggenheim as an anonymous gift.  The complexity of the way lines are used in this made this piece stand out from the rest. Many geometric shapes can be shown throughout the drawing as well as all types of lines ( horizontal, vertical and diagonal). Negative space would be the white background. It is hard to understand the content and context of this piece due a lack of a name or exact date made. However, i was able to make an assumption based on the year and where it was made. Unity is established well here with everything being somehow connected.  With observing the unity amongst the lines and knowing that this was made in 1983 in New York, i felt that it was necessary to compare this to the map of the transit system. It may not actually look how its supposed to, but it does show some resemblance such as the overlaps between lines, and having long and short breaks before coming in contact with another line. 

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