Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dropped Cup of Coffee.

Claes Oldenburg. Dropped Cup of Coffee: Preliminary study for "Image of the Buddha Preaching" by Frank O'Hara. 1967 

  Dropped cup of coffee by Frank O'Hara.  This drawing was drawn with crayon, pencil and wash on paper.  The way the mugs are falling has sequence and implies motion.  The artists shows step by the step the way the cups are falling and when it hits the ground there is a splash,  The cups are drawn with a pencil and spilled coffee with a crayon.  This drawing consists of organic and geometric shapes.  the three mugs represents the rule of odds.  The focal point of the drawing would be the coffee spilling everywhere.  I think the artist was demonstrating humans love for coffee and the way we consume so much of it.      

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