Friday, November 16, 2012

Installation - Team Green

Team Work: Describe the Medium, Materials and Tools; 3 artists, 3 key works.
How will it last through time?
Why would an artist choose to work in this material?
What knowledge do you have to have to work in this medium?
and opinions!


  1. 1- Installation is usually a 3D work that includes the venue, the material and the artist's emotion. Often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. The materials can vary. Pretty much everything can be used as a material on an installation work of art.
    2- Benjamin Verdonck's, Nele Azevedo and Patrick Dougherty are 3 artists that make installation works.
    *key words: Giant nest by Verdonck, Ice man by Nele Azevedo and Nest houses.
    3- The 3 pieces I found were so interesting: Verdonck built a giant nest on his apartment window made out of trees, spit, glue, polyurethane foam and sand, Azevedo built ice man: several sculptures of little people made of ice sitting on the steps of what seems to be a church and Dougherty makes human sized nest houses made of living trees.
    4- The nest houses of living trees by Dougherty seems it will last a long time. Until someone puts them down I assume.
    5-I believe he chose this material because it is strong, it lasts a long time and because it gives his work so much more beauty and soul.
    6- He needs to know how to bend the branches without breaking them.
    7- I think his work is so amazing! To me it is a way to show how humans can coexist with nature without harming it. When I look at it it just makes me wanna get in there and live in it.

  2. Installation is artist in specific time and space environment make artistically valid choice, use, alteration, combination. This is a way to show the art form of the spiritual and cultural connotation. It is 3D form at most time.
    1. Brush Head, Body Object Series #5 by Ann Hamilton
    2.Basketball installation by David Hammons
    3.The Black Road by Kara Walker.
    Key words: Brush Head and body, Basketball, Black road
    The reason why artist doing this I think is because it appear strengthen sense of space, divided space. Also, installation art has unique aesthetic significance. A different way to view and show art.
    I feel artist should has knowledge with sense of space, sense of hierarchy and good afflatus of arts.
    My opinion artist should able to use artworks to express emotion or message to viewers.

  3. Great work Aline & Ye! Key Works (not words!) but I'm glad to see you found these different examples.