Friday, November 16, 2012

Printmaking - Team Red

Team Work: Describe the Medium, Materials and Tools; 3 artists, 3 key works.
How will it last through time?
Why would an artist choose to work in this material?
What knowledge do you have to have to work in this medium?
and opinions!


  1. printmaking is creating art by transferring an image or design on to a matrix such as a block, plate, stone, or screen. some techniques are: RELIEF which includes the use of woodcut/woodblock,linocut and metalcut. ink is applied to the original surface of the matrix.INTAGLIO where ink is applied beneath the original surface of the matrix using engraving, etching, mezzotint and aquatint. PLANOGRAPHIC specially prepared original surface to transfer image. this uses lithography, monotyping and digital techniques. stencil ink or paint is pressed through prepared screen. other types of print making are foil imaging,viscosity printing and collagraphy. many of these techniques can be combined.
    the benefit of printmaking us you can make multiples so if one was to get damage you have a couple more copies. also you can have the same art work and display at the same time in different places. the con is you cant say this is a one time exclusive piece or say there's only one of "these'' in the world like you can with a painting. this form of art will last through time very long because once something is engraved and designed into a piece of object it will be hard to destroy (like presidents on a coin). I feel the only way it will be destroyed is if some one deliberately attempted to.

  2. ! technique of printmaking is, Woodcut. Woodcut is a design drawn on a wood plank and the areas that are not going to get printed get cut so they will not get printed. They cut the wood below the surface with a knife. After the cutting process is done, the of the wood gets printed and becomes Art.

  3. Very good Abbie! And Luis- it's a little brief, but I'm glad you explained woodcut a little more in depth.

  4. There are several types of Print Making. Mono-type, Mono-print, Screen-print, Dry-print, Aquatint, Etching, woodcut, and Stencil are limited list of types of print making. The tools needed usually revolve around some type of a carving knife, and a printing plate to help design the artwork. An example of a screen print can be seen in Masha Schweitzer's "November Dawn," and an example of woodcut can be found in Jane Danko's "Lonely Reaching." Print making requires one to make multiples of their work, in often means quantity will decrease the price of the work because of how many there are in existence.