Friday, December 21, 2012

A Bunch of Naked People: Unique bodies in art

----A Bunch of Naked People: Unique bodies in art----
 My exhibition will be about how these art works have different representation of beauty since we live in a society when we idealist the human body. However representations of the beautiful body often contradict the majority of bodies people have. This exhibit will allow the audience to see multiple representations of bodies.

As the curator of this show,I would put this beautiful show in the atrium of la LaGuardia College because it has an expanded space with good light source. In addition, most students from the LaGuardia pass through it. I would like both, students and faculty to see my show.

1. Sandro Botticelli- The Birth of Venus

2. Fridha Kahlo-The Broken Column

3.  Michelangelo, David

4. Donatello, David

5. Marina Abramović performing- The Artist Is Present

I got this magnificent idea, when I started researching for artwork dealing with motherhood. And then I was drawn to Botticelli’s Venus. And then it made me realized how fascinating the human body is. Afterwards I stared researching various nude painting and sculptures.


The fist piece I chose is a painting by Botticelli’s, The Birth of Venus, a 2-D painting. The female goddess stared at by others yet she looks disinterested. As a goddess everyone around her wants to be beautiful like her. Her body represents the image of perfection. Her features and magnetizing are very feminine and so desirable.

The second piece I chose is a painting by Fridha Kahlo’s The Broken Column, a 2-D painting. On the strength of her colorful, intense, and often harrowing self portraits, Kahlo’s has become one the most famous of all women painters. In this painting we can see a lot of emotion. However the way she shows her bodies visceral. By her showing her column and heart outside her body We can see both, her outside nude body and her very inside. Even though this painting shows how damage her life is, at the same time it’s still beautiful.


The third and fourth piece I chose are Michelangelo’s David and Donatello’s David. Both artworks are sculpture. There are 3-D artworks with mass. The beauty between Michelangelo’s David, and Donatello’s David are how they are beautiful but in a different ways. Michelangelo of David is considered one of the best representation of the idealist male because of detail of his muscles and god-like perfection. Michelangelo display strength and what it takes to be truly male. On the other hand, Donatello’s David is a beautiful sculpture. However if you look closely, this art work because of its curve, smooth representation might give you the idea of being more feminine.

(I couldn't find a naked photo online)

Finally, the last piece I chose is Marina Abramović, The artist is present. The differences between the previous art works and Marina Abramovic are that her art is performative. What this means is that she herself enters a room naked and sits down staring at a succession of strangers. By performing live she shows how comfortable she is with herself. The reason she does this is because she wants to see the significance of nudity when others look at her. By doing this, she tries to show that everyone can be beautiful when they are naked.
 All this art works are related because each one shows how beauty is based on different point of view. By having them all together, the audience can better understand how each person is unique.

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  1. Nice work Monica. I would be interested in more about your idea about the body- and beauty, it is a very rich premise for an art exhibition. I like that you picked idealized versions alongside the Kahlo, which shows a different representation of the female form. Also. excellent that you also picked a performative piece- and Abramovic is a great choice for a show about the body. (Just FYI- she wasn't nude during the Artist is Present, she wore a long red gown- she has said "Red is the color of healing.)