Friday, December 21, 2012

Digital arts Show

Digital arts show: impact of technology is about the influence of technology on art. The emergence of computers and software brought art to the next level creating many various types of digital art, like graphic design, digital painting, digital photography and many more. Digital art became much more available and much more attractive for individuals who have imagination and talent. This showcase consists of artworks created by many different digital artists that can inspire people to become artists even without having drawing or painting skills. This showcase will be displayed in business and technology department (building B) hallways because that’s where all computer major classes take place and people that may be interested in computer arts are most likely to be there and they are the audience I want to reach by this show.  I think that’s important that these people see this exhibition because it can inspire them to become digital artist.

“Illusion of Freedom” digital art by SmirapDesigns
"Mystic Owl" digital art by Sebastien Feraut

"The Homeworld" digital art by David Furher

"Own World" by Jerico Santander

World Map Watercolor Digital Art by Michael Tompsett

Although there is no connection in the content or context of these artworks they are all digital artworks designed and created in computer software. The first piece titled “Illusion of Freedom” by SmirapDesigns depicts a bird, probably a dove which symbolizes peace and freedom. The dove – positive space and focal point is created from many geometric shapes in red black and grey colors, as the description states this artwork is “inspired by everything going on in Greece and all around the world” and it clearly contemplates the meaning of freedom. The second piece titled “Mystic owl” by Sebastien Feraut is a two dimensional graphic image; depicting a face of an owl colors used are yellow, blue and orange, this artwork consist variety of geometric shapes mostly like triangles and circles, there is a lot of repetition of those shapes which seems to be equal on both sides which gives this artwork symmetrical balance. Third piece is titled “Homeworld” by David Fuhrer two dimensional graphic image created in Photoshop, of a flat squared detailed world floating in space. Colors used are blue and green in different values, there is also white color on the clouds. Fourth image is called “own world “ by Jerico Santader is also a two dimensional image created in Photoshop and it has the same blue green and white colors as the third image and it also depicts a earth floating in space but in a human head organic shape which is the positive space, saying that all humans have their own world in their heads. The Fifth image is titled “World Map Watercolor” by Michael Tompsett, it’s two dimensional colorful map of the world, crated to look like it was colored by watercolor, in some places colors next to each other seem like they are analogous. The continents are positive space and background in negative space. As the curator of this show I picked these pieces because I wanted to show that art can be created not only by painting or sculpturing but also by the use of technology and special computer software. 

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  1. It's a great idea for show in that location, and you do mention the potential audience having an interest in the medium of these works. A little brief Daniel!