Friday, December 21, 2012

Study: The thing of people's entire life

My show is about study. AS we  know that the life of human is definite while the knowledge is infinite, so I want to through this show to tell people that" never too old to learn". Therefore  I decide to put this show in the school hall because it is better to let students know about that learning
somethings is a very meaningful  things.

The first art is "The Thinker" by Auguste Rodin . This is sculpture and the artist used some metals and bronze to make it. This art is about a man sit on a stone and he use hand to hold his head with a worried frown that seems like this man really think about some important things. people often used it to represent philosophy because  it depicts a man in sober meditation battling with a powerful internal struggle.  why I choose this art in the first? The reason is when people begin to learn or decide to do somethings that need they to think and plan it.

The second art is "Portrait of a Young Girl" by Thomas Sully.It is a 2D painting and the style is representation. This artist almost use black and red colors to paint it .The same colors which hair, background and clothes show the unity of   element. The focal point is young girl hold a book. I choose this painting because it remind  and encourage us to read and  study since we are young.

The third art is "The Persistence of Memory ' by Salvador Dali . This is 2D painting,and the style is abstract.In this art, we can find some interesting things which are  mountain, sea, desert, the Withered tree and the twist clocks. In china, people always use" the seas run dry and the rocks crumble" to
express the time past in the long long ago.Therefore. I think Dali try to  tell people that although the time past  and the thing change , some import things and  memory would  never change and keep it in people's mind.  My point is although the things change very strange and the time past very quickly, people can't stop studying ,and they should value every second .

The fourth art is" Don Gaspar de Guzmán" by Diego Rodríguez de Silvay Velázquez. It is a 2D painting and the style is representation. The medium is Oil on canvas. The whole background are most  black and gray colors, and the artist also use some white color to describe smoke that let people know this place is in the battlefield. The white horse is been highlight than background,so it would be focal point.  The horse looks like he hurry back to battlefield, and he looks forward to fight.I choose this art  because when people read and study many books , it is time let them to use their knowledge to fight  in life 's battlefield just like the horse fight in the battlefield.

The last art is "The Harvesters" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder .This is 2D painting,and the style is representation.The medium is 
Oil on wood The artist use a lot of yellow and green colors to describe this is a Autumn years and the harvest season.  The rice fields which are  far away on the horizon is approximate symmetry to the Rice field which are in nearby areas. The artist use horizontal line to appear calm.
From this art, we can see that although people have a lot of work to do , but everyone is very happy and enjoy life. I choose this art because I want to say that if Sweat did not lose as long as you pay, then your efforts will be fruitful..

I pick these five pieces arts because I think the first one  represent thinking or plan, the second one  present learning, the third one  represent valuing time, the fourth one represent practice and the last one  represent success.  Through this show, I want to advise that when people learn or try to do somethings, they should need to think or plan , take their time to practice their plan ,and then they will get success. Unfortunately, in the recent years, people don't  take"study" seriously, therefore ; I want to remind people that study is entire life's thing, and  the more you learn, the more you earn. Not only obtains the money.

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  1. Really well thought out Ping Ping. I like that your show had a progression of ideas through the pieces that all connected to the theme. And a show called STUDY would be very relevant to the audience you are going for. Good work!