Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fenglei's museum

Wanted Poster #6
          The class trip on Friday to MoMa PS1 was a great, I saw many great paintings and sculptures. The two arts I pick to talk about is the “wanted poster #6” by Charles White and “America the beautiful” by David Hammons.
          The first art work is “wanted poster #6” by Charles white, the art is a oil wash on illustration board and was created on 1969, this is a two dimensional art, which has a smooth texture. It has repetitions of stars behind the female character. The art only have 2 colors, which is black and white, the focal point for this art is the female on top and the little kid on the bottom. This art is also representational, the female and the child resemble real life people. My personal view on the content of this art work is about slavery, the title of the art also says it when it said “wanted”. So I believe it is about slaves like women and child run away from white masters, rather than go out and look for them, the white masters will post poster around the town of the runaway slaves and how they looks, within this poster there will also be the names of the slaves and the rewards people will receive for the return of them, if anyone see this kind of posters with rewards, if they see the slaves, they will definitely try to capture them and bring them back to the master.
         The second art work I want to talk about is “America the beautiful” by David Hammons. The art was created on 1968. This is also a two dimensional work, the colors artist use are black, white, red and blue. It has repetition of stars on the American flag. The focal point is the person with the American flag around him, it also makes him the positive space, and the background negative space. This art is form by an African American place a white paper in front of his face and body, that’s why the body looks like a human being but his face does not. I believe the content of the art is about racism in America. The artist want to show people we can’t treat people differently base on the color of their skin, he shows that with an African American with black skin color, but after placing white paper in front of him, he became white. It shows me that under our American society, both blacks and whites should be treated equal


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  2. Really good Fenglei! But why only 420 words (assignment was 500!) Nice choices of works- and you wrote about them well. I was also really happy to see that a work you discovered at PS1 made you curious about that artist and led to your choice for the presentation. 9/10 points