Friday, December 21, 2012



Engineering and art are        going together.

There is no reason to hate mat, physics or chemistry as many people do. In the beginner of high school I use to hate everything that could involve numbers but I realizes that this kind of subjects are the basis for many other thinks, one of them art. Many people could say that art and engineering are completely different but it is not. Learning about these subjects help you understand the world around us.
Being a curator I have the opportunity to create this event at LaGuardia Community College to show students the relation between Art and Engineering. This show will take place in the cafeteria because I believe this is where students are a little more relax than other places in the faculty. Having this event in the cafeteria students will have the chance to get a snack and enjoy the ride through beautiful painting and sculptures.

The first work is made by Mark Stankiewicz. This is linear perspective as you can the draw shows you a illusion of space. You are able to see three sides of the buildings.   This piece is  all about shapes. To do this art you need to use measurements, scale, and proportion. This mean the artist has knowledge in math. This demonstrates how art and math are going together.
The second art is a 3d sculpture. As you can see you could even go inside the piece of art. Its white and depending of the room's light it is very shiny. It has couple holes on the sides of the circumference. Also with a Engineering message I my opinion this is how an artist can demonstrate that art and engineering are working together.       
This painting is made by Carla Farsi who was a professor of mathematics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It has value. when I saw the picture for first time I start counting the balls. I could say that this might be the message she try to give us through her painting.

Leonardo da Vinci is the author of this art. He was very important in the art media and also in the evolution of the science. This was the beginner for the helicopter that we know nowadays. This work is a draw involving science, but also be was also available to to surprise everyone with beautiful color paintings like the next one.   
Mother and Child by leonardo da Vinci. this is a 2d painting. It has a lot of value it has a focal point in the baby and specially in his eyes. I am presenting this painting to show his ability change from a beauty art to a engineering draw. Thas why I came up with the name for this show "EngiArt".   
I also would like to point that nowadays art is everywhere. A clearly example of art in engineering is Apple or other computer brands also. Apple products care a lot about the software but also its very important for them how to present these products to the public. It is where art is involve. As we can see art is very important to our life. before this class I thought art is completely different than engineering but now I know that they have a lot of thing in common. Finally I hope after this show everyone realize that engineering or math are something very complicated.
I hope you enjoyed this show as same as I did it. I was a pleasure being a curator for this important an beautiful show.

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  1. this is a great idea for a show Diego, and I am so thrilled that you are aware of the interconnectedness of art and science. We looked at many works this semester that used systems- like when we talked about conceptual art. Here you did a good job of picking pieces that show a more visible relationship between math/science and art.