Friday, December 21, 2012

Humanity Revealed: Human Art Show by Luis Hernandez

Humanity Revealed
This art show is about humans in the art world. We show humanity at its finest by different artists, some you may know and some you don’t. We are all grateful and are happy with what god has given us, from the littlest lazy eye to the nicest smile we have. We also wonder how the human body works and we are doing this art show to show you, how amazing the human body is. We are located in LaGuardia Community College, in the B-building and M-Building. We are here brought to you by Subways; Eat Fresh. 

1.The Trinity and Mystic Pieta by Hans Baldung Grien

2. Landscape with Apollo and Diana by Lucas Cranach the Elder

3.David by Michelangelo

4.Farewell of Hector and Andromache by Anton Losenko 


5. The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel   

As the curator of this show I picked all these paintings and sculpture because it displays the human body in a creative, amazing way. They all connect to each other the fact that they are all organic shapes and involve nude humans and/or humans. All these paintings and sculpture go to together because they all show details in the human body, implying interest in humanity.

The 1st painting called The Trinity and Mystic Pieta by Hans Baldung Grien has diagonal lines implying movement in the arms. This is a 2-D painting. There is no negative space. There is implied light coming from the top making shadows. The artist used the rule of odds having more than 1 subject in the painting. Asymmetrical this is. The focal point of this painting would be the nude guy in the middle representing Jesus. The other people look like they are focusing on Jesus which makes him the focal point. My subjective matter is, Jesus is going through a rough time as you see his expression on his face, while the other people could be possibly be praying for him. The objective thought has to do with religion matter. This painting is located in the E-building on the 1st floor. I want people to realize what Jesus went through for all of us.

The 2nd painting is called Landscape with Apollo and Diana by Lucas Cranach the Elder also has diagonal lines in the people implying movement. It is also a 2-D painting. The people in this painting are organic shapes. No negative space but mostly positive space. The focal point of this painting would be the nude man with the arrow pointing to something. My subjective matter for this painting is that they are two human beings surviving the outside world. The objective matter is the landscape with two human beings, doing what they have to do. This painting is located in the M-building on the 3rd floor. I would appreciate the people who have big imaginations to look at this artwork.

The 3rd artwork is a sculpture called David by Michelangelo. It is a 3-D artwork with mass. There is actual light coming from the top making shadows. Positive space is the sculpture. You can tell Michelangelo was into the human body because he added so many details to the body and gave the sculpture and a face expression. This sculpture has a below angle making the audience look up at it. My subjective thought about this sculpture is to represent and symbolize bravery through a big, solid, muscled human being. The objective thought about the sculpture is to represent biblical hero. This sculpture is located in the main entrance of the M-building; you will not miss a 14.24 feet sculpture. My audience would be people amazed with the human bodies and who like old sculptures.

My 4th art work is a painting called Farewell of Hector and Andromache by Anton Losenko. It is a 2-D painting with again diagonal lines implying movements all over the place. The human beings which are considered organic shapes. The focal point of this painting is in the middle where the one guy is reaching for the sky and it is bright. There is implied light. My subjective thought about this painting is that the man is a king and the warriors around him are protecting him and his wife and kid. The objective thought is that the guy with the red in the middle Hector is leaving and he is saying his goodbyes. This painting is located in the E-building. I would want my audience to be people that are interested in the mid 1700’s. 

My last painting is a 2-D painting called The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel. The little kids have diagonal lines that imply movement. Also does the ocean imply a horizontal line which implies calmness. The color is very light which makes the painting look calm and make me feel calm. The focal point is the big nude lady lying down. My subjective thought is that the lady is a woman who is in heaven and the little kids are angels trying to talk to the lady. The objective thought is actually described that a close look can reveal a lot. This is located in the M-building on the 2nd floor. I want audience that enjoy light colors to feel what I feel when I look at that picture.  

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  1. This is fabulous Luis. I appreciate how you picked a specific site for each of the artworks and you did a great job describing each of the works and how they fit into the overall theme. Nice work!
    Also, smart of you to think of a sponsor- (subway!) - all that work will need a lot of insurance!