Friday, December 7, 2012

Museum trip PS1

Museum Trip PS1

In the Museum of modern Art I find interesting art works. I am going to describe two of them. Before I also want to say about the entrance to the museum in one of the rooms of there is a small screen under the floor. A really small, I could say about 2 inches by 2 inches. You see in the screen a person asking for help like the person was trapped under the floor with fire around the person. Every museum makes interesting things from the beginner to the end. The title of the first sculpture I am going to talk is Three Round Sculptures. These sculptures were made by Fred Eversley, American b 1941. These are polyester sculpture. It is made by geometrical shapes.  Usually his sculptures are related to concept of energy, since his studies were in aerospace engineer. He was always exploring for space color and light. I chose this sculpture because I am studying Mechanical engineering and it also studies energy in some chapters. I believe he was very smart to use engineering and apply to make this wonderful art sculpture. This art if formed for three round shapes. They are like crystals with beautiful colors. Even though they are separate they form a unity in this art.  The one in the left is blue and transparent in the center. The middle one is all black and the one in the right you see red, blue and yellow, and also transparent in the center. Their shiny depends in the light room. So the view of these round shapes will vary I different rooms with different light.  In my opinion he wants to demonstrate how interesting a science could be when we emerge into it to study. In the beginner a thought engineering and art was completely separate and they couldn’t be together but with this art I realize that there are a lot of things we can do combining science and art. This art is a beauty with a science message.
The Second art work I chose is from John Outterbridge, with the title Urban Man. When I was little far from this piece, I thought it was an astronaut. The man was dressed with a metal uniform, having long legs. Getting closer and closer I realize that his head that was coming out from his metal round torso, little bit toward to the left, had primate form with curly black hair. Having in mind the theory of the evolution from monkeys, it was like a face from a man right after the evolution. Also he was using headphones and a antenna was coming out from his right shoulder. In my opinion, he is representing the evolution in technology in the humanity. He relates the past with the future. I can imagine how we will be without the technology that we have nowadays. We have developed technology according to our needs. Even though we create better and better advances in the technology field, we will be always the same human beings.         

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  1. Excellent Work Diego! I appreciate how you made a personal connection to these works that relate to your studies. Great job observing the formal elements like color and shape- and how important they are to work, especially the first one. Nice! 10/10 points