Friday, December 14, 2012

For my prestation im going to discuss about one of my favorite artist that i enjoyed studying about during my semester in art . witch is William Adolphe Bougeraue . He was a french academic painter .His painting was made on oil canvas His tradition was too use realistic genre painting as mythologicial themes and make them into modern intrerpretations . He went too Ecole de Beaux-Arts that was a school in paris , too continue his studying in painting in the academic style. He was born in La rochelle France on Novemeber 30,1825 and he passed away on August 19,1905
One of the firsts of William adolphe that he painted that i loved was "The First Kiss' its made out of canvas 119.5 x 71 cm and 47x27 inches and its housed as a private colleiction in the gallery i found it this painting too be quite amazing of how he has too angels in heaven kissing eachother showing pure peace and love among one another . i love how he put alot of detail in the wings and the children face you can feel there emotions .
Another piece of painting that i have choosen from William Adolphe was called The goose girl witch was also made out of oil on canvas 152cm x 74 cm (60in x29 it symbolizes a young beautiful women barefoot and still is peasant . i Liked this painting because i learned something out of it shows too me that you should be greatful of what you have cause here you see a young innocent girls he has no toys or shoes and she playing with goose and she still manages too keep a smile on her face and enjoy the beauty of life . most people dont see life that way .
The third peace that i have choosen by William Adolphe was the Knitting girl it shows the simplistic nature of the female portrayed herein i choosed this painting because i felt like she didnt look as happy as the other painting i posted up she looked like she was knitting maybe even a clothing for her self . showing me that nothing in life comes easy that she has too knit her clothes because maybe she cant afford too buy clothes making her self be viewed as a young indepent strong minded women
My fourth paintings By William Adolphe was The Nut Gathering its the most popular piece at trhe Detroit Institue of arts the paintins was donated to the museum by William Adolphe him self . what i found interesting about this painting was the texture and the children emotions it seemed so deep almost as you can try to figure out what they was thinking and talking about

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