Tuesday, December 18, 2012


                                         black pope ( sandwich board man)

                                         by charles white 1973

this painting  is a piece made by Charles W white ,he was  an african-american painter born in chicago iin 1918   , he is best known for painting pieces that depicted african-american history,socio economic struggles ,human relationships and portraits ,this particular piece caught my attention because he didnt use a canvas he used a cardboard a massive piece of cardboard and made an oil painting or oil wash of a black man handing out pamphlets of a restaurant and he is wearring a huge announcement board on his chest while he is wearing a catholic popes tunic and sacred religious popes clothes and the black man has a full beard (it can be easily noted by the shading he uses ,and his use of the solid color black ) and he wears a pair of sunglasses (aviators ) and on top of his head he has a hat with a big square cross made up off 5 small squares .

for this piece he used vertical line , horizontal lines , and curve lines and diagonal lines  ,he used solid colors and blended colors as well ,some of the colors he used where orange  light  brown yellow black,and he blended light brown with yellow and used the color black to make the shading ,all the coloring and use of light colors and the use of oil paint gave this piece the " vintage paint on cardboard  with fried greasy oil used to fry chicken look " he used all the negative space to make by painting a wall behind him he used the pattern of squares on this picture to make the "different color bricks on the wall " appearance , the focal point on this painting would he the poster board he has hiding in his chest because it gives the illusion that he tried to draw a religious theistic image but covered it up with layers of oil paint but in the background is the shape of a person with a cross behind that person .

the reason i was attracted to this piece is because it reminded me of one of my favourite characters in the show south park , the name of that character is Chef ,and also the similarities between this painting and the rapper rick Ross and apple the ap from the black eye peas

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