Friday, December 21, 2012

Nature: Earth’s beauty

As I look through arts online, I saw many arts on the beauty of our nature. I thought to myself that’s something us missing in our lives, so to me this might be a good exhibition to show the LaGuardia students. As we all know New York is a big city, we hardly see any nature here anymore. Most of our nature was cut down to build buildings and houses. Some people probably have never seen how beauty our nature can be. My primary goal is to convince the students the beautiful of our earth’s nature. And maybe they can take a break from studying and go out there to enjoy that beauty, and enjoy that fresh air. The audiences I want to reach is all LaGuardia student include the professors, so the place I want to show my exhibition is in front of the liberal, because every day I see a lot of student studying there, and also there is a lot of students hang out in that area than other places around LaGuardia. So I believe by placing the exhibition there I will reach more LaGuardia students. The five arts I pick are all paintings from different artists for my exhibition.

The first painting is View from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, after a Thunderstorm—The Oxbow by Thomas Cole, the painting is 2D, the primary color is green, there are also black and white color, and there are repetition of trees all over the painting, the focal point for this painting is the land inside the river. The painting has a realistic style, the artist shows me that even after a thunderstorm, and our earth is still beautiful. The left represents the thunderstorm and the right represents the earth after the thunderstorm. I picked this painting because it’s great representation of earth’s beauty even after a thunderstorm, which is also the theme of my exhibition.

This second painting is The Valley of Wyoming by Jasper Francis Cropsey. The painting is 2D, and the primary color is green with white, there are repetitions of trees, and to me there is no focal point. The artist uses a realistic style for this painting. There is no positive space & negative space, the content of this painting is also about the beauty of the nature with the sun shine on it.
 the third painting is  Mountain Stream by John Singer Sargent. This painting is 2D, also is abstract, the focal point is the person in the stream. The artist uses a lot of different colors. The flow of water implied the direction. The content of this painting to me is a man naked and is having fun playing in the stream, which is something I also want to do, but can’t because it’s hard to find the time to do it.

This fourth painting is Landscape—Scene from "Thanatopsis" by Asher Brown Durand. The painting is 2D, the artist use mostly green and white. There is no focal point for this painting, this painting has everything from animals, trees, mountains, I believe this will be a great place to camp out for the weekend with friend or a love one, because not just enjoy all the natures out there but you can also watch the sunrise and sunset.
This fifth painting is “The Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak” by Albert Bierstadt. This is another 2D painting. To me the focal point is the landscape in the background, when I see the painting it’s so beauty. The artist use mostly green and white color, there is implied light to show the dark spot in the tent. There is no positive & negative space. The content of this painting is a group of friends and families starting a new life in the mountain, the place have water and food, and also is a great place we can see the beauty of nature. This was shown in the background.
All five pieces show the beauty of our nature, which is connected to my theme because my theme is about the beauty of nature. As a curator I picked these five pieces because I wanted to convince the audience how beautiful our nature is, and hope after they see my pieces they can take some time off and go out there and see it for themselves.


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  1. Hi Fenglei:
    I really like how the paintings you picked have such a strong color relationship to each other. They really would look wonderful alongside each other in an exhibition. Also smart to pick outside the library, where it would get maximum viewing. Nice work!