Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't Let it burning: Earth is Almost Melting

My show would be about Global Warming, and my title would be "Don't Let it burning: Earth is Almost Melting". This is mean our earth is too hot, and we should care our living environment. Otherwise, we all will have no home.
     For this show I had found out five pieces work on my campus.  My  art works are 2D form works, and 3D Sculptures. The first work is 3D work "Global Warming Melting Animal" by Takeshi Kawano. Second work is "Global Warming — Play On.” by Learner. Third art work is "Global Warming" by EckenUndKanten. The fourth work is name "Global Warming" too, and made by Michael V. Lynne. My last art work is "Big Green World" by Violeta Barcenas.
     In my campus I will put those works  on enter of my hall. The reason why I like to appear all five pieces works  on hall is because I want everyone can see it when they enter my campus. Also, when they are trying to leave my campus  before they exit they will see my five works again. I wish most teenagers can see my works, because electron device use is a big reason cause warming happen.  So, in our present generation most of teenagers has phones, psp around them all the time. I hope they can awareness too much electron device using  is harmful.
     The theme of my show is care and protect our only earth, and make a green living environment for human and animals. Also, I think nobody wants see the end of the world happens in our real life. The power make me came up with this idea on the show is because I had read a lot of newspapers about global warming, and I heard many about penguins and polar bears had dead. If human still not wake up to face this problem I think this world would end soon in any way. I think this show is very important,  because I feel human are selfish to make themselves happy, and ignore this huge global warming issue. I wish after my show the human can be more notice and reasonability to protect our homeland.
     As the curator of this show I picked these pieces because I wanted to human can pay attention to global  warming this serious issue. All of these four art works are about the result of global warming if really happening, and one work is a goal we should make for the earth.  The first work is  "Global Warming Melting Animal" by Takeshi Kawano is because I want everybody can be attention about animals life. This sculpture work is 3D and has a shape and it has smooth texture.  The bear is not really melting, but because global warming damages their only home. So, they have no home and they would die in anyway. Second work is a 2D form picture "Global Warming — Play On.” by Learner. As we can see our  huge  Statue of Liberty is almost flooding by water. It seems exaggeration, but if we really do not control global warming ,then that will become true in the future. My third work is "Global Warming" by EckenUndKanten. This is digital art and 2D smooth texture. Picture show a  scary moment, because the water already reach high as the sky, and the world will become ocean without land. Fourth work is "Global Warming" by EckenUndKanten. It is look like a cartoon, but it is an art work, and this work has a  strongly mean about global warming . There are water fill out the whole earth, and you can see a shark is swimming in the water. Also, the McDonald is below the water. The earth might become a underwater city, and that is scary and we have no space to stand. All of four works are show of horror if global warming really happening in the future. Now I am talk about my  last work, "Big Green World" by Violeta Barcenas. It is a colorful work primary and secondary color fill this art fully, 2D form. The reason why I want to show this art on my campus is because I want everyone can work hard together to build a world like what we see on that picture. Green trees around the world, blue water and the sky. I think nobody can reject to living in the place like that.
     In conclusion, I wish human can do something to protect and care our earth, and build a beautiful living environment for ourselves and our next generation. Human can not keep the way which they are doing right now, and too selfish.  We do not want human move to the other planet in the future,  just because we destroy our home by personally. To create a   health and wonderful earth is human's responsibility.


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  2. You did a good job in picking the theme and explaining its relevance to you and the potential audience. Good also for picking work of different mediums/forms but that still relate to support your show idea.