Friday, December 21, 2012

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure

One man’s trash, another man’s treasure;
An art show about recycling and reusing trash creating beautiful artwork
The show will be displayed in the E building, on top of 5 different trash cans located on the first and second floor. I chose the E building because it is the nicest building out from the whole campus. Once you enter there is a light that comes from the courtyard, so it creates this nice feeling inside the building, so you don’t feel trapped in a building. Once you go into the building, you make a left and there are 3 trashcans for separate type of trash. The first artwork can be placed here. Then going on down the hall way, you will find more trash cans. My target audience is all the students and faculty of course.

...Think about what you can do with your trash?...
Artist: Paul Villinski. Untitled.

Believe it or not, this is made entirely out of beer cans. The artist found beer cans and started creating this butterfly. I chose this because it is amazing what one can do with empty beer cans.The butterfly seems to be unfinished but maybe this is the message that the artist is trying to send out. The unfinished work can be as beautiful and that the development and process is also something wonderful to admire. I take the message as "little by little, you grow into something bigger."

Gargantua by Al Wadzinski
This piece of art work is amazing. At first glance I thought it was made out of cement and then quickly I read the description. The title states “Gargantua” which means gorilla. There are organic and geometric shapes in this artwork. There are circles around the eyes and triangles for its teeth. The focal point of this artwork is the mouth. Because of the space inbetween the teeth, grabs the audience attention. From the teeth, our eyes can follow up to the eyes of the gorilla and recognize what it is.
Untitled. By Jason Mercier
There wasn't a name for this artwork but clearly one can see it is the famous Mariah Carey. The artist creates celebrity collages with the celebrity's own discarded objects. There is mixed meduim used for this collage. The implied texture is rough because there are tubes and powder make-up used to create this picture of Mariah Carey. I believe the empahisis is placed on her hair because there is alot of things used inorder to design her hair. The material and colors used creates a sense of unity because it all comes together.

Venus in Trash by Frederic Renaud

I found this artwork online and after translating the Portuguese language into English, I found that this was an artwork done with a mannequin. Although it is not 3D as the above artworks, it is a picture of something created by the artist. This shows another form of putting trash together into artwork relating to all the other works. I think this artwork is beautiful because of the implied light and the colors used. There are some geometric shapes on the ground but more organic shapes are shown because it is a lot of trash on the floor. My subjective thought is that Woman (because the title says Venus) is being destroyed by the surroundings. The focal point is the middle where the mannaquin is placed. This piece is amazing.

Untitled. Artist: Vik Muniz
The artist arranges his artwork carefully using trash and then after photographing it, he destroys it. The reason being is that he only wants it to exist in photography. This is the reason why I chose this artwork. The focal point is the two people centered in the middle. The material used is every day trash. The message behind this picture is that we are consuming a lot. I love this form!

All these artworks come together because they are all made out of reusable trash. As the curator of this show, I wanted to create a show that demonstes found beauty in unusal places.By placing these artworks near trash, the audience can realize my message as a curator. The idea behind these artworks is that we don't have to waste "waste". We can create wonderful things using what is available even after lunch or when we believe we cant do more with our make-up! Using our imagination, we can construct art works that wouldn't cost us much to create.


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  1. Good work Darlin, and excellent job as curator of picking the locations for the works to have maximum impact. I hope you got to look at other of Vik Muniz's works, based on your interests this semester I think you would find lot's of other interesting pieces.