Friday, December 7, 2012

PS1 review

At the PS1 museum there were many interesting art works but one that really caught my attention was a work by Fred Eversly the Green Full lens. His main desire in his works is to represent a formal manifestation of the principles of energy. He started his career in the late 1960s but created this specific work in 1976. Fred Eversly uses cast polyester for the medium. As the art work shifts in light or perspective it changes the appearance and color of what you see through the transparent material. As you look into the darker side of the object you can see complete emptiness giving you the feeling of being isolated somewhere and appears much like being in space.

Although there were many works that really interested me and caught my attention my personal favorite would be a work by James Turrell Meeting. This work is an Installation that has been at PS1 since 1986. This work is a white square room with a brown bench going around the wall leaving the middle empty. This room has a rectangular opening in the ceiling perfectly placed to view the sky. A particularly silent room in which you can watch how all the clouds pass by and feel completely relaxed. On a sunset this room is known to change color and becomes lighter than usual.  

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  1. Why so brief? (224) words of the required 500. You dodnt mention the form of the pieces- sculpture, installation or style of the works, or very much else in terms of formal elements or composition. You also chose two works that you observe alter our sense of “space” but you don’t follow through with the though and explain. It would have been very interesting to read more about what you were picking up on in both these works. 7/10 points