Thursday, December 6, 2012


         Black girl's window was painted in 1969 by Betye Saar. It is a mixed medium piece, because of the painted art and wooden door which is 3D.  Saar painted a little girl looking out the window, on her hands there was symbols and markings.  There are shapes, patterns and symbols.  The material used was a wooden door, a small picture frame, paint and brush.  There are geometric and organic shapes.  The wooden door, it being a rectangle makes it an geometric shape, also the stars and triangles.  An example of a organic shape in this painting is crescent moon, and her hands.  In each little window on the door something is drawn or put that represents something about the artist.  There is a picture of her grandmother, representing her Irish heritage.  This small tableaux represents destiny and is very mystical.  I think this painting also symbolize what the artist, Betye has seen and been through growing up s a child.  the lion in the painting represents her astrological sign.  

       Swept by Dale Brockman Davis painted in 1970.  this painted in a mixed medium, the background is painted and a broom  is placed leaning against a screen door.  The broom is wooden, with the bristles wrapped with leather.  These materials used creates an actual texture.  Materials used in this painting was a broom, paint, brush, and a canvas.  rectangle piece of wood is a geometric shape.  The background of this piece was painted with a brush and paint.  The colors used are mainly earth like colors such as brown, and a antique red.  The rule of odds was also used, with the broom, wooden door, and a brick.  The broom symbolize marriage according to the African American culture.  It first began during slavery, when a couple got married jumping the broom meant jumping into new beginnings and a new life together with their spouse. it was a way of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new.

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  1. Rachel, why so brief? (326) words of the required 500. You picked two very interesting pieces- and could have written much more. For example you write “There are shapes, patterns and symbols” but don’t describe those patterns, symbols. I would be great to also know why you picked these pieces- what resonated with you about these two- out of everything in the museum? 8/10 points.