Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shows: Exterminate the Walking Dead

The students come to school without thinking what they want, they just follow the suggestions someone told them or maybe they just follow the catalog book to get the credit as soon as they can. They come to school because they have to, what they care is the degree. Maybe they just sit there doing nothing, they are just not thinking what they wanne learn, what they learn that day. I think they  just like the zombies go after fresh meat. So we gonne eliminate the waling dead in campus.
 I chose the ' Plants vs Zombies', 'Resident Evil 6','Left 4 Dead','The Walking Dead','Dawn of the Dead'.
They all fight the zombies.
Everyone comes to campus should be printed or painted this symbol on the hand, arm or face, whatever they like to paint this symbol. That means they are in dangerous situation to infect by virus, they should help us to exterminate the walking dead.
File:Cartas de Plantas.pngwe should put all these plants all over campus. They can be poster, sticker, painting, drawing and sculpture. Putting giant peashooters sculpture behind every main entrance in every building.  Students can see the plants everywhere, that means we are watching you, don't act like the 'walking dead' or we will exterminate you.

resident evil 6 wallpaperFor The Resident Evil 6 and  Left 4 Dead, we should find some guys looks like the characters in the game, and dress the cloches we design just like the they wear in the games. They will act in the campus, just like they run in the game try to find the zombies. Maybe they can just go into some classes with weapon looks like in the game to warn some students who is sleeping in the class,  staring at them and say:" you look like zombies'.
The Walking Dead Season Finale Reviews Discussions TS-19 AMC活死人黎明For the Waling Dead and Dawn of the Dead, we will do the same thing as the Resident Evil 6 and  Left 4 Dead, get dressing  and acting. But what they gonne do is running away from the zombies as they do in the shows. They can occupy some classrooms to hide, if  students try to get in that classroom, they should prove they really learn something in this class to show they are not zombies.
ChinaJoy不一定只看妞 第一日展会花絮At the end of the show, those zombies gonne dance gangnam style. After they finsh dancing, those characters will eliminate them.      

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  1. Xiu:
    I really like the idea of having an interactive/performance style of show and art event on campus, however you do not really explain how the choice of works you prsent connect to the theme, nor do you describe them. Where will the games be shown? on monitors? are they able to be played? So much missing information, unfortunately.