Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am your Mother

I am your Mother 

A show to enjoy the natural. That educates us about environmental problems and helps us regain the appreciation we have lost for our Mother Nature.

1- Untitled by Walter Mason

2- Flower Squiggle by Piper K

3- Mona Leafa by Unknown Chinese artist

4- PH 4.0 by Jen Trute

5- Madonna of the Salton Sea by Jen Trute

There will be several arrows made out of leafs hung up from the ceilings of all school's entrances all the way down to the school's garden where the main presentation will be held. The arrows will be an attempt to get students attention and curiosity. Everyone that gets inside the school will see them, therefore, everyone is a target. As a curator I chose the garden for this show for the fact that it is the most natural environment in school.

The leaf arrows will be large enough so people will not pass without noticing them. They will be arranged artistically in the same stile as Walter Mason's in the first picture shown above. They will consist of complementary colors (red and green) to call attention but there will also be yellow for the sake of the flow: (green, yellow, red) "almost" as a message "from here to there". A pond will be created for this project so the ephemeral untitled artwork 1 can be added. The pond will also be artistically made with a little rocky bridge on top of it. To contour the pond the untitled work 2 will be added. Just as the picture shows there will be a pattern and a rhythm on the repetition of green leaves and the placement of the white and blue flower petals. Hung from a tree next to the pond there will be the "Mona Leafa" as if she was a leaf that belonged to that specific tree. On 2 other trees around the pond will be hung on their trunks the 2 paintings left. Both above eye level so the viewer gets a little intimidated by them, meaning, by the issue that they represent creating a feeling that environmental problems are a big deal. This garden will have logs to sit on and comfortable spaces for students to do their homework.

1- Untitled - Walter Mason. As I titled it "the swimming bed of leaves"
I chose this work because it is so simple yet so beautiful. It is made to be enjoyed. I love the rhythm that the repetition of leaves give this piece. When I look at it the organic shapes combined into a geometric yellow circle makes me think sun, fire. Even though, there is a sense of calmness and peace to this work. Because it is placed on the water there is motion to it. The leaves are alive.
2- Flower Squiggle - Piper K
This is another work that called my attention by its simplicity. The meaning it has in this project is that the green leaves represent us humans and the flowers represent nature. It is us embracing mother nature, taking care of her and co-existing in harmony with the natural. There is movement in this installation implied by the diagonal lines that the green leaves create. The leaves are dancing around the flowers to the rhythm that the repetition of shapes and colors create.
3- "Mona Leafa" by an unknown chinese artist
This amazing piece of artwork is made by hand-carving the famous Mona Lisa on a leaf. I chose it because it is absolutely wonderful. It is in harmony with the rule of thirds and it has a great catchy title. It is such a great detailed monochromatic work in such a small scale.
4- PH 4.0 by Jen Trute
This is a painting made with oil on linen about the oceans becoming more acidic and lower in oxygen levels. The increased CO2 in the atmosphere dissolves in the water and becomes carbonic acid, which is threatening to dissolve corals and creatures with shells. This will be a painting with a label to educate people about this particular problem. The calming colors the artist uses seem to deliver the message that even though things look good and calm from the outside in the seas that is not the reality. The shell is the focal point almost screaming for help.
5- Madonna of the Salton Sea by Jen Trute
This painting is made with oil on linen and has for meaning that the green skeleton is a religious version of Mother Nature attempting to heal her children (the cub), she is not doing a great job because she too is not exactly glowing with health. Unity is presented by the several dead animals along the beach and variety by their different species. This is also a piece of awareness and will be labeled.
As the curator the focal point of the show would be the leaves floating on the pond and the Flower Squiggle because for you to care about the environmental problems first you have to like nature.

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  1. Aline, what a GREAT idea for an artistic intervention into the LGCC space. This would be terrific show, and I love the interactive part of it where the artwork can grow/change over time. Excellent choices and explanation. Have a great break!